Terms and conditions 2020/2021

“Er is geen dag zo kwaad, of de zon schijnt vroeg of laat”

1. Bookings

A) Clara only takes on bookings from people above the age of 21.

B) The contracted and/or one of the people travelling to the destination has to be 21 years or older.

C) Santa Clara retains the right to decline a booking – without stating the reasoning – at all times.

D) With the establishment of a booking, your booking is reserved as an option. The option will be displayed in yellow in the planner of the rented accommodation, and the yellow coloured option can be found on the left row below the heading  “availability”.

E) Santa Clara will confirm the booking within 10 days through a rental agreement in duplicate.

F) The rental agreement, which is at the same time your invoice, should be checked by the contracted on justness.

G) Any inaccuracies should be made known by the contracted in written word immediately.

H) Should the contracted not have received the rental agreement within 10 days, immediate contact should be initiated with Santa Clara by the contracted.

I) After checking the rental agreement, the contracted will sent a signed copy of the rental agreement (pre-paid envelop) within 10 days, and the contracted will complete the agreed upon pre-payment.

J) After receiving the agreed-upon payment, your booking will be final. The booking will be coloured red in the date planner of the rented accommodation, the red coloured booking you will find in the left row below the heading “availability”.

2. Prices

A) The prices used by Santa Clara can be found in the left row below the heading “prices”.

B) The prices have been divided over three seasons, these being high, mid, and low season. A winter season rental is a possibility as well.

C) The prices displayed on the website are not binding.

D) Santa Clara retains the right to change the prices.

E) Bij boeking kunt u de geldende tarieven terugvinden links in het rijtje onder het kopje “tarieven”. During a booking you can find the prices on the left below the heading “prices”.

F) The prices that are agreed upon through the use of the rental agreement are binding.

G) Price discounts and/or offers such as displayed in the left row below the heading “last minute”, can not be used by the contracted after completing the booking.

3. Rental price

The rental price includes :

A) The use of water, gas & electricity

B) The use of all available appliances such as the washing machine, refrigerator, coffee machine, kettle, vacuum cleaner, toaster, and microwave.

C) The use of the television with satellite receiver including a variety of (Dutch) channels.

D) Costs of the reservation and Tax payment.

E) Kitchen linen, sheets, towels, tea towels etc.

D) A free parking space in front of the door or the underground parking garage for your (rental)car.

The rental price does not include:

A) Cleaning at the end of your stay, see the end cleaning costs on the left row below the heading “prices”.

B) Beach towels.

C) Cleaning supplies, washing powder, dish soap, toilet paper, etc..

4. Pets

A) Bringing pets to the rental is not allowed. Only under highly exceptional circumstances through consultation and written consent by Santa Clara.

5. Betalingen

A) The pre-payment of a booking consists of 25% of the total price, including the cleaning costs, the pre-payment should be a minimum of € 150,=.

B) The pre-payment is the final confirmation of your booking.

C) The remainder of the booking costs should be paid at the latest 6 weeks before the day of arrival, in our bank account following the IBAN: NL 42ABNA 0535314868 in the name of Santaclara.

D) When the booking is made within 6 weeks before arrival the entirety of the booking costs should be paid as a pre-payment & final confirmation through the IBAN: NL 42ABNA 0535314868 in the name of Santaclara.

E) When the payment is not completed on time or incomplete as has been agreed upon in the rental agreement, the contracted commits neglect and Santa Clara is in their right to cancel the rental agreement on one side. The contracted is responsible for any damage that has been suffered or will be suffered by Santa Clara.

6. Amendments

A) Santa Clara is not obligated to meet any requests should the contracted wish to amend the booking as has been agreed upon through the rental agreement.

B) Santa Clara has the choice to cooperate with any requests. However, Santa Clara will always try to do anything within their power to bring any requests or amendments to a good end.

7. Cancellations

Presupposed, it is to be recommended that the travellers take on a cancellation insurance (For example through the ANWB).

When a cancellation occurs, the following conditions apply (ANVR):

• To 6 weeks before the day of arrival, the contracted is obligated to pay the pre-payment.

• Up to 3 weeks before the day of arrival, the contracted is obligated to pay 50% of the total price.

• From 3 weeks before the day of arrival onwards, the contracted is obligated to pay 90% of the total price.

8. Arrival & departure

A) In the high and mid-season period, the minimum rental period is five days.

B) The contracted is allowed to enter the accommodation on the day of arrival from 12:00 onward.

C) The contracted is obligated to depart the accommodation on the departure day before 10:00.

D) Santa Clare retains the right to amend these times whenever they should wish to do so.

9. Rules and regulations

The rules and regulations drafted by Santa Clara are available in the rented accommodation.

10. Force of majority

Force of majority on the side of Santa Clara exists when the execution of the rental agreement is impeded party or in full, or temporarily, through occurrences located outside of the will of Santa Clara, thereby included, war danger, employee strikes, blockades, fire, forces of nature, disturbances, or any other non-preventable occurrences in the broadest sense of the word.

11. Liability

A) SantaClara and the concerning building Castillo de Santaclara will not accept any liability for the following:

• Theft, loss or damage of any kind, during or as a result of residing in the rental.

• Any disabled or broken technical appliances and /or the malfunction of any resources within the building Castillo de Santaclara.

B) contracted and any companions are jointly and severally responsible for any loss and /or damage that is created for Santaclara and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of their stay, regardless of the cause that could be any animal and / or goods that they have control over.

C) With the unjust use or unjust vacation of the rental, the contracted can be subject to any additional (cleaning) costs.

D) The keys will only be delivered when the entirety of the booking costs has been completed as has been agreed upon in the rental agreement.

12. Complaints

Despite all the good care from the side of Santaclara is could occur that you have a viable complaint.

This complaint should be made known on the spot and directly to Santaclara, to enable Santaclara  to the possibility of responding to your complaint.

The complaint not have been settled to your satisfaction, you will have up to two weeks after the day of departure to file your written complaint. Santaclara assumes that it will not come to that.

14. Insurances

The contracted is obligated by the rental to take on travel insurance for the booked period. It is to be recommended to take on cancellation insurance as well.

15. Ultimately

Santaclara tries to accommodate guests to enjoy their stay from their point of view optimally, the fact remains that Santaclara is open to suggestions, improvements, constructive feedback (not too much) and any ideas that could improve their services toward clients even more.

Therefore, Mail, call or write to us.

With kind regards,

Pieter & Mariëlla.